Probe into pleasure with the Rooster collection of sex toys for men. Enjoy the satisfaction anal toys offer with our line of plugs, enhancers, dildos, cock rings, and beads. Made with a variety of materials our designs are crafted with your desires in mind. Find the perfect fit with our wide range of smooth, tapered, textured, and realistic designs offering unstoppable pleasure.


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    Sku: XR903-Rooster
    MSRP: $0.00
      Sku: CN-0120-03-25
      MSRP: $33.90
        Sku: CN-0127-03-20
        MSRP: $29.20
          Sku: CN-0102-03-20
          MSRP: $32.80
            Sku: CN-0121-03-20
            MSRP: $20.00
              Sku: CN-0110-03-25
              MSRP: $33.20
                Sku: CN-0108-03-25
                MSRP: $47.50
                  Sku: CN-0104-03-25
                  MSRP: $18.60
                    Sku: CN-0106-03-25
                    MSRP: $15.20

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